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Let Google tell you our story has never been an option.
The hike of Juglar Castizo
This is the idea: we want you to know our village as if one of us were showing it to you. This hike will drive you through the most emblematic spots to tell you every tale, story or anecdote that you could only know from a local. We are looking forward to share with you the knowledge of this land in order to preserve them.
"It is time to tell you what my grandfather told me."
What you need to know

The price of the hike is 8€ per device.

  • You will be guided by a touch screen device.
  • It is available in Spanish and English.
  • It is suitable for all ages.
  • You will hike outdoors
1 Welcome to the village

To start hiking, we will be waiting for you in our salespot. There you will find everything you need to enjoy this adventure.

2 Where do you come from?

Before letting you the device, we can solve you any doubt while we enroll you and set up your route.

3 Breathe the rural world

The hike will start in front of the Castle and it will guide you through the most endearing spots that we, the people from Coca have chosen for you.

4 Grandma kisses

There is no goodbye without a huge grandma kiss. At the device return, we will love to hear how was your rustic experience.